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When facing criminal charges, you deserve the best defense possible, no matter what. Attorney Dakota VanLeeuwen from VanLeeuwen Law is ready to represent you during your criminal trial. Contact her today in Martinsville, Indiana for a consultation.

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Criminal Defense & Municipal Law Attorney in Martinsville, IN

Dakota VanLeeuwen

Attorney at Law

Before attending law school at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Dakota VanLeeuwen served as a police officer. With a firm understanding of criminal law, she attended law school and began working as a prosecutor here in Indiana and then went on to work for a mid-size law firm. She then opened up her own law firm VanLeeuwen Law. Her experience as a police officer and a prosecutor gives her special insight into all areas of the criminal procedure that not all criminal defense attorneys process. To seek the best chance possible for your criminal case, contact Attorney VanLeeuwen to schedule a free criminal case consultation.

Practice Areas

Attorney VanLeeuwen knows the DUI process well. When arrested for drunk driving, call Dakota.

When facing serious criminal charges, you need an attorney that will seek the best possible result.

Don't let criminal charges ruin the future. Attorney VanLeeuwen is here to help you move forward.

No matter the charge, VanLeeuwen Law is on your side and will fight for your justice.

Sex and drug crimes are handled harshly. Allow an experienced attorney to fight the charges.

Attorney VanLeeuwen handles government issues relating to water rights and zoning in Indiana.

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Why Should You Hire Attorney VanLeeuwen?

Dakota VanLeeuwen is a respected attorney in Indiana. With years of diverse legal experience, she is a staunch advocate for those accused of crimes. If you are facing charges in Martinsville, Bloomington, Vigo County, Clay County, Putnam County, Hendricks County, Morgan County, Monroe County, Marion County, or anywhere else in Indiana, contact VanLeeuwen Law today to get started.

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She Used to Be an Officer & Prosecutor

By working as both a police officer and a prosecutor, Dakota VanLeeuwen can provide you with insight into the criminal process that other attorneys may not have knowledge of. Trust that she can handle your case.


She Has a Great Reputation

Dakota VanLeeuwen is a respected criminal defense and municipal law attorney in Indiana. She has a great rapport with other attorneys, judges, and government workers. She exhausts every resource when handling cases.


She Has Trial Experience

As a criminal defense attorney, Dakota VanLeeuwen spends most of her time in a courtroom. With experience on both sides of the aisle, she is very skilled in the art of litigation and advocacy. Contact her today to speak to her.

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From Misdemeanors to Felonies, Dakota VanLeeuwen is Here

You need a strong, hands-on attorney after you have been charged with a crime. VanLeeuwen Law's Dakota VanLeeuwen will handle your criminal case with the integrity and seriousness that it deserves. Criminal charges can be overwhelming to deal with and Attorney VanLeeuwen is here to keep you updated on the case and take the necessary steps in order to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf. Attorney VanLeeuwen will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Don't settle for anything less than exceptional representation and contact VanLeeuwen Law today.

Whether you have been accused of rape, assault and battery, drug possession, or any other misdemeanor or felony, speak to a criminal defense attorney that will adamantly fight for your rights. With experience as both a police officer and a prosecutor, trust that your case is in reliable hands. Don't face these charges by yourself. For a free consultation of your criminal case, contact VanLeeuwen Law today. Attorney Dakota VanLeeuwen serves Martinsville, Bloomington, Vigo County, Clay County, Putnam County, Hendricks County, Morgan County, Monroe County, Marion County, and other communities in the state of Indiana.

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Get in contact with Attorney Dakota VanLeeuwen in Martinsville, Indiana today and schedule your initial case consultation.

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