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Probation Violations Attorney in Martinsville, Indiana

Need Help With A Probation Violation?

A probation violation can be anything from failing to update your contact information to a positive drug or alcohol screen. The consequences are steep and often involve looking at your original sentence time to determine the length of consequences as well as the type of consequences for a guilty finding.

Probation violation hearings are treated as mini-trials, and you have the opportunity to challenge the violation alleged against you. Do not treat these lightly. Instead, seek representation from a skilled firm like VanLeeuwen Law, LLC.

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What Were You Accused Of?

Probation is often seen as far less restrictive than incarceration, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. There are many ways to violate your probation, some of which are mistakes anyone could make. A partial list of violations includes:

  • Missing a weekly visit with the probation officer

  • Failing a weekly drug or alcohol test

  • Leaving your jurisdictional area without permission

  • Violating home confinement

  • Violating curfew

  • New arrest

No matter what violation you allegedly committed, we can likely help you mitigate the consequences. In addition to negotiating directly with your probation officer or the prosecutor assigned to your case, we can also represent you at the violation of probation hearing.

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If you were accused of violating your probation in southern Indiana, contact an experienced attorney at VanLeeuwen Law, LLC, in Martinsville. To schedule your initial consultation, you can reach us online.